About Us


Heeeyyyy!!! Welcome to my kitchen! I’m Patrice, a retired Navy Veteran and culinary graduate who LOVES cooking. So, grab your apron, wash your hands, because we’re about to add some soul to our food.

I started this adventure by making a YouTube channel, Pinch of Soul Cooking, because my family would always complain that I never measured anything or wrote anything down. My kids told me to make the channel so they could go back to watch and re-create their favorite dishes. Well, again…that’s how it started. Now, I’m here creating more recipes and want to be able to share my love for soul food (written and some videos too). Whew…that’s a big change!

I’m from wherever my heart is content but to put more context into this, let me sum it up for you. I was born in Chicago. My mom joined the military and we moved to New York when I was 13, then to Germany, then to Oklahoma, which is where I graduated from High School. I then joined the Navy, got stationed in California, sailed around the world, retired from the Navy after 20 years and stayed put in California. Whew!

The Journey

I started cooking when I was very young, watching my mom, grannies, and most importantly, my great-grandfather! My great-grandfather North Dickerson is the biggest inspiration for my cooking and the only person I knew that kept his hand-written and typed recipes in a container. The proud owner of that container is now ME! Though my great-grandfather was more into baking, he still has a few good savory recipes that I love and a few more that I need to master.

My passion of cooking led me to Culinary Arts at The Art Institute of California, Inland Empire. I studied the books and the Chefs to learn as much I as I could. I was amazed at the different techniques of making the different cuisines. It was fun and a pleasure learning the different cuisines that I’ve always wanted to learn to make but was too nervous to try at home. Now, I like to challenge myself.

The YouTube channel, Pinch of Soul Cooking, launched in 2019 followed by the blog in 2020. Developing and sharing recipes from my home has been nothing but joy. The recipes I love are comfort soul food, southern food (Yes, there is a difference between soul food and southern food), and an occasional international dish every now and then. That’s what will be drizzled throughout this blog.

My Family…My Inspiration

I live in Menifee, California with my husband, six kids (ranging from teenager to young adult), and our family dog. If I’m not in the kitchen, I’m watching one of my favorite TV shows, playing video games or hanging with the kiddos. It’s never a dull moment within this home.

If you have any questions or comments for me, you can reach out to me on my contact page. See you in a pinch!


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